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Isolation as a form of abuse happens when someone is stopping someone seeing their friends and family, keeping them inside and not letting them go out.

Message supplied by: Kara @ Victim Support

Further help

  • Domestic Violence and Relationship Abuse project for 4-18 year-olds in Broadland, Norwich and Great Yarmouth: call 01603 756352 or text on 07867 725179 and they will call you back.
  • Victim Support supportline – 0845 30 30 900

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  • Emotional Abuse: Isolation within an Abusive Relationship @ Hidden Hurt: Domestic Abuse information

    Excerpt: The abuser will control whom the victim sees, where she goes, whom she speaks to and what she does. This can take the form of simply not allowing her to use the phone, have her friends round or visit her family, or ensuring it simply isn’t worth it by being in a bad mood because she left some housework undone, making her feel guilty that she was out enjoying herself while he worked, or even encouraging her – theoretically – to make friends, and then discounting them or complaining that she cares more for her friends/family/hobby than she does him or is neglecting him. Some abusers may move home frequently to prevent their victim from building a social support network.

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