What help can I get for anxiety?

If you are anxious or panicky a lot of the time, visit your GP and explain how you feel. Medication or talking therapies like counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy can be very effective.

Source: What is anxiety? @ Young Minds: the voice for young people’s mental health and wellbeing

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  • Anxiety Help @ Young Minds

    Excerpt: If you feel like you are anxious of panicky a lot of the time, speak to your doctor and explain how you feel. You could always speak to a nurse in school or college first. Nice is the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and makes recommendations to health professionals around certain areas of care. Nice has produced guidance (for over 18s) on anxiety and suggests that healthcare professionals should offer people with anxiety medication, therapy or self-help.

  • #RYchat with @AnxietyUK @ Twitter

    Excerpt: Be open & honest with your GP. Don’t be afraid to tell them how much it’s affecting you.

Photo: Savannah is raising awareness about social anxiety by The home of Fixers on Flickr under Creative Commons license